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The Netherlands recently announced the return of 484 valuable artefacts looted from Indonesia and Sri Lanka during the colonial period.

The British have willingly returned all the Benin Bronzes looted by British forces in 1897 to Nigeria.

The British government has shown willingness to return the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone to their countries of origin.

The Kohinoor diamond is currently displayed in the British Museum and serves as a symbol of colonial plunder.

How many statements given above are correct?

(a) Only one statement

(b) Only two statements

(c) Only three statements

(d) All four statements

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Answer: (a) Only one statement

Explanation: The correct statement is Statement 1, as mentioned in the passage. The Netherlands has announced the return of looted artefacts to Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Statement 2 is incorrect because although some Benin Bronzes have been returned, not all have been repatriated. Statement 3 is incorrect as the British government has refused to return the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone. Statement 4 is incorrect because the Kohinoor diamond is displayed in the Tower of London, not the British Museum.