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Subhas Chandra BoseMahatma Gandhi
Approach to IndependenceBelieved in the use of force to achieve independenceAdvocated for nonviolent civil disobedience
IdeologyNationalist, socialist, and secularNationalist, spiritual, and nonviolent
Relationship with the BritishWanted to expel the British from India by any means necessaryAdvocated for peaceful negotiations with the British
Role in PoliticsFounded the Forward Bloc and was a vocal critic of the Indian National CongressLed the Indian National Congress and was a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement
Views on ReligionBelieved in a secular India and was critical of religious extremismAdvocated for interfaith harmony and was deeply spiritual
LegacyRemembered as a valiant freedom fighter who fought against colonialismRemembered as the "Father of the Nation" who led India to independence through nonviolent means