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  1. Identification of narcotics on passengers at airports or in aircraft

  2. Monitoring of precipitation

  3. Tracking the migration of animals

In how many of the above activities can radars be used?

(a) Only one
(b) Only two
(c) All three
(d) None

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(b) Only two


  • Identification of narcotics on passengers at airports or in aircraft: Incorrect. Radar is not used for the identification of narcotics. This task is typically performed using other technologies such as X-ray scanners, chemical sensors, and drug-sniffing dogs.

  • Monitoring of precipitation: Correct. Radar is extensively used for monitoring precipitation. Weather radars can detect and measure the intensity of precipitation, providing valuable data for weather forecasting and storm tracking.

  • Tracking the migration of animals: Correct. Radar can be used to track the migration of birds and other animals. Radar technology helps scientists monitor the movement patterns of animals, especially birds, over large distances.

Therefore, radars can be used in activities 2 and 3, making option (b) the correct answer.