Our Mission

To provide personalized training & mentorship for every deserving Civil Service Aspirant in the medium of their comfort through cutting edge infrastructure & technology.

Our Vision

Topper IAS’s mission is,
* To provide safe, emotionally supportive, technology driven learning environment for aspirants.

* To make aspirants aware of their potential strengths, areas of improvements and to boost their confidence to appear for the exams.

* To make aspirants resilient, kind, serve sincerely, respect society and the nationhood by nurturing their high morals, openness, and leadership qualities.

* To Inspire and empower the financially challenged deserving aspirants to succeed in competitive examination.

Google Review


"Topper IAS is mainly service oriented rather than commercially focused. Great team, dedicated facilities and one-on-one mentorship unlike any other institutes in the country. Glad to be a part of an institute who takes commitment of the aspirants until they turn out to be officers"
Mithun Kumar G. K
AIR 130
Superintendent of Police
"Even when I had mentally accepted failure, Somashekhara sir motivated me until my last attempt and today I am greatful for their support. I would like to say Topper IAS is the reason for this transformation"
Dr. Srikanth
AIR 630
IRS Officer
"I was a Class 2 officer and now I am a Class 1 officer. I would like to say Topper IAS is the reason for this transformation..."
Santhosh Kirgi
Asst Commissioner of Commercial Taxes
"Untill an aspirant is succeeded as an officer, Somashekhara sir and team will guide and push through the limits of an aspirant. I am grateful for their dedication"
Harsha S
District Officer,
Backward Classes Welfare Dept.

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