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A team from Buddhavanam in Telangana visited Buddhist rockcut caves dating back to the 3rd century BC in Mathale, Sri Lanka. The caves are situated on the ColomboKandy route. The team, led by Mallepalli Laxmaiah and E. Sivanagireddy, aimed to explore the site where Lord Buddha's teachings were first written on palm leaves.

 Key Points

 Buddhavanam Project

Buddhavanam is a Buddhist heritage theme park developed by the Telangana government at Nagarjunasagar.

 Historical Importance

The team discovered that the teachings of Lord Buddha, called Tripitaka, were first written on palm leaves under Sri Lankan king Devanampiya Tissa.

 Scholarly Contributions

Acharya Buddhaghosha, a famous Theravada Buddhist philosopher, lived in these caves and wrote Visuddhimagga.

 Connection Between Telugu States and Sri Lanka

The site shows a significant Buddhist connection between the two Telugu states and Sri Lanka.

 Invitation Extended

An invitation was extended to Venerable Gnanatilaka Mahathero to visit Buddhavanam, the largest Buddhist Heritage theme park in southeast Asia.


1. Buddhavanam Project: The theme park in Nagarjunasagar serves as a reservoir of Buddhist heritage and culture.

2. Historical Importance: The palm leaves inscribed with the Tripitaka signify the shift from oral to written forms of Buddhist teachings.

3. Scholarly Contributions: Acharya Buddhaghosha's Visuddhimagga is considered an essential text in Theravada Buddhism.

4. Connection Between Telugu States and Sri Lanka: Artifacts and monastery structures affirm a shared history in Buddhism.

5. Invitation Extended: The acceptance by Venerable Gnanatilaka Mahathero emphasizes the importance of the theme park and the interest in fostering relationships between the Buddhist communities of the two countries.